Business Rocks May! Crazy little seeds of creative wisdom

Business Rocks! Network Differently.

Join us at this month's edition of Business Rocks!

Tuesday, May 27th 2014
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM (+ optional beer networking till late)
BluJaz Cafe, 11 Bali Lane, Singapore 189848

"Crazy little seeds of creative wisdom"

This month we welcome 'Gobbs' Lim from Brew Creative to the Business Rocks stage!

In traditional Business Rocks style we like to dig out diamonds in the making - and give them a chance to shine - and this months gem is Gobbs Lim. You will hardly ever catch Gobbs out networking (her business partner Vicki normally has that covered) but when you do you will definitely be happy to see her!

Last month she made the mistake of chatting to me at an event where I proceeded to get her drunk and convince her to speak at Business Rocks. A few days later she said 'I thought you were joking'.

No Gobbs, I wasn't joking - and I can't wait to see you on that stage :-)

Join us at this month's edition of business Rocks where Gobbs will share her love for creativity and her thoughts on how it can be applied anytime, by anyone and on anything. She believes that creativity is the key to sanity in life.

About Gobbs

Co-founder and Creative Daydreamer at Brew Creative Pte Ltd

Ever since she was a little seedling, Gobbs has loved to draw and get her hands dirty with anything art and craft related. Her obsession with stamp and coin collecting introduced her to the world of visual communication.

Her passion led her to pursue a Degree in Visual Communication at RMIT in Australia.

Gobbs started out as an in-house graphic artist at Studebakers Discotheque. She went on to become a creative group head at a boutique design and advertising agency where she honed her creative leadership.

In 2006, she started her own design studio Forest Creatives, which merged with another creative studio to form Brew Creative in 2009.

With over 10 years of experience in print design including above the line and below the line campaigns, Gobbs enjoys applying her creativity as a creative director at Brew. She works also her magic on zany marketing and business development ideas with her business partner Vicki.

Gobbs enjoys adding shine in all design opportunities that come her way, and lending her creativity to causes she stands for. She also believes in seeing the greatness in every being.

She loves to inspire and to be inspired in return.

Here is a photo of Gobbs. I had to go back into my 2012 archives to find it because now all I can find online is this cartoon drawing.

About Business Rocks

Business Rocks is a chilled out event for business people to network (get drunk together) in a relaxed non-businessey environment.

We drink beer (and other stuff), we mingle and we have great conversations.

It's an event with a focus on fun, authenticity and real people sharing real stories. Join us for a night of inspiration and beer!

Book now to reserve your place!

What to expect at Business Rocks? ... expect the unexpected. PLUS:

•Friendly un-networking in a relaxed environment, leave your sales hat at the door - just relax, have a beer, meet and mingle. And feel free to talk about work all night long - or not at all.

•An awesome guest speaker sharing a short presentation relevant to business and entrepreneurship in a fun, interesting and informative format. Business Rocks is not about being THE BEST speaker. It's about real people sharing real stories about the things that matter to them.

•Then more mingling and more beer. Till late.

But don't take my word for it...
Check out this super-duper video promo by my friend Shawn Khoong!

How much?

Free with a minimum bar spend of $25 paid in advance by online registration. ($25 is passed directly to the venue and includes 2 standard drinks from the bar).

And by the way...

  • Paying in advance helps me to manage numbers and registration more efficiently and makes my job A LOT easier.

  • For those who prefer to pay at the door I will be charging you $5 extra to buy myself a beer. Is that fair enough?

Book now to reserve your place!

Business Rocks is all about music, beer and business opportunities, so if you love business and entrepreneurship, come and share your success, failures, rants and raves – anything goes as long as it is interesting and relevant!

Take a break out of the hectic work week to re-energise and meet some awesome, interesting people.

The small print:

Even if you do not drink, you still need to pay the registration fee - I like to make sure our venues are happy to have us there!

Business Rocks! Network differently.

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Tue May 27, 2014
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM SGT
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11 Bali Lane, Singapore 189848, Singapore Singapore
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